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Laravel vs CodeIgniter

Laravel vs CodeIgniter: Which is the Best Php Framework?

PHP MVC framework is very common for developing web pages, web site, and web apps. There is a long list is available for PHP MVC framework used by developers. Few of them are :

  1. Laravel.
  2. CodeIgniter.
  3. CakePHP.
  4. Symfony.
  5. Zend Framework 2.
  6. Phalcon.
  7. Yii.
  8. Aura.

Laravel and CodeIgniter are the most popular among them. As per my 4-year experience in development, I found that CodeIgniter is easy to learn, setting up and working. Even the junior developers are also able to quickly adopt Codeigniter due to its simplicity.
However, over the time, we felt the necessity of a better PHP MVC framework with more flexibility, extendability, security, and better performance. That would ensure the proper quality of the projects along with in-time deliverability. In a nutshell, this is the reason behind the switchover to Laravel PHP framework.
Laravel is an open-source PHP web application framework based on MVC architecture. The framework was created and maintained by Taylor Otwell since June 2011. The syntax patterns of Laravel are expressive and elegant. The reason behind the rapid emergence of this framework are:

  1. Class autoloader.
  2. Eloquent ORM, the advanced active-record-pattern implementation
  3. Modular packaging with composer based dependency manager.
  4. Support for database platforms including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLServer.
  5. RESTFul state control over controller methods.
  6. Query builder as an alternative to Eloquent ORM, for direct access to the database.
  7. Rapid automation with the inbuilt authentication mechanism, caching mechanism, powerful routing features, and session control.
  8. Artisan command-d along with sample codes line interface.
  9. Blade templating engine, simple yet flexible.
  10. Unit testing support.
  11. IO component to handle requests and responses.
  12. Great documentation.

The documentation of Laravel is detailed and along with sample codes, it’s easier to learn the technology. There are quite a few other successful PHP frameworks that the developers have been using over the years, like Codeigniter, CakePHP, Zend, Yii, Symfony and many more. Each of these frameworks has a reputation and have established themselves in the industry. The question is, why should we then even consider Laravel? Well, the intention is not to compare frameworks and find out which one is better. Rather, the focus is on the circumstances that would cause a PHP developer or a web development firm to move to a different PHP framework platform like Laravel.
We can Compare the Laravel and CodeIgniter with given table data:

Laravel vs CodeIgniter

[table id=1 /]
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Rahul January 8, 2018 at 6:55 pm

Nice info

Amn January 20, 2018 at 5:48 pm

Laravel and Codeigniter simply cannot be compared..
I worked on an existing Codeigniter project and it was a nightmare!


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